Kilimall 1Bob Lucky Draw!

Christmas campaign is Live! You won’t miss the most exciting Lucky Draw of the season! With “Ngurumisha Gari Na Bob”, the customer has a high chance to walk away with any of the following brands of cars and many more products:
  1. Land Cruiser Prado 
  2. Mercedes Benz E350
  3. BMW X1
The user pays Ksh 1(refundable if no win) to participate in the event and get a lucky code. They can also invite friends to accumulate more lucky code thus increasing the chance of winning.

When the number of invited participants reaches the required level, the event will be drawn. The "popular king" with the highest number of lucky codes will rewarded a different prize (in case there are two ‘popular kings’ having the same number of lucky codes, then the winner is chosen according to the time of completion). If the "popular king" prize and the lucky draw prize are different, then the popular king will also participate in the lucky draw. The more lucky codes, the higher chance of winning.

NB:If the number of draws does not meet the validity period after the start of the event, the system will not draw the prize.

All the unlucky participants will be refunded full amount back to their original payment channel to their accounts within 1-3 business days.

In the same event, each user can only participate in the event once and is invited to participate once.

How to make KSh.1 payment?

There are two available ways of payment:
  • Mpesa
  • Lipawallet
The later is the most efficient and easy way. Create Lipawallet account.

How to enter the Lucky Draw?
  • Create an account with Kilimall if you don't have one, Visit our website

  • Click on “1 Bob Lucky Draw”
  • Choose the product you would to draw

  • Click "Draw Now"

  • Enter the delivery address
  • Select the payment method

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