Beba na Zero Bob! Absolutely free,Kilimall Bargain Event

Kilimall Black Friday 2018 has packed a lot goodies for you to enjoy. Among them is the bargain where customers bargain and get products absolutely free, between Nov. 1st and Nov. 30th.

The bargain event is interesting in the sense that customers are allowed to bargain for products valued as high as KSh. 50,000 such as TV sets, phones and many more products. Clients can initiate bargains for as many items as they wish.

Simply ask your friends to help you bargain in order to reduce the price of the item to KSh. 0 and walk away with it without spending even a single cent. The invited friends will help you bargain by reducing random amount effortlessly. Every individual is given 3 chances to bargain every day. It also important to know that this activity is open for anyone meaning that the invited friends can also initiate their bargains. This activity has also been made easier for you to utilize your social media network and followers to bargain.

Items successfully bargained for will be delivered within 3 working days, at no extra charge.

The successful bargains are entitled to enjoy free delivery and will receive the products within three working days.

How to participate;

1. Open Kilimall Black Friday page (

2. Click on bargain icon and choose your favorite product and click on “Bargain Now” to initiate the bargain 

3. Enter your account details or create an account if are a new user and click on “Bargain Now” 

4. Enter your delivery address. Please select the most convenient place for you 

5. You will receive a pop up message that you have successfully bargained with the amount you reduced. 

6. Finally you invite friends to bargain for you through your preferred channel 

7. You can view the real time progress of your bargain, and the countdown timer indicating how much time is left before your bargain event expires. 

This process is simply and calls for less effort to win Big! Don’t miss this opportunity!


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