Kilistar is an entrepreneurship program established to empower people whose dream is to own businesses supported by Kilimall. Customers who register online account at Kilimall can apply to open Kilistar shop at no cost.

How it works?
It's easy, just 3 stpes: select the goods for your store>> share the product with your clients/invite friends to be your client>> when clients buy goods successfully, you get the commissions


The program is a kind of multi- level marketing

The owners/initiators of the shop earn income in the form of commission from their own sales and from the sales/purchases made by those whom they directly or indirectly enrolled.

The initiator/shop owner can earn commission limited to two (2) levels.

Chain Diagram of enrollment

The progressive enrollment will entitle the shop owner double deals from:
  1. Direct sales from the shop. 
  2. Referral commissions from the sales of other members. 

Regardless of the number of down line enrollment, the owner/initiator earn commission up to 2nd level.

The more the number of sales the higher the cumulative commission earned.

The owner of the shop can market the product on social media platform  such as Facebook and Twitter or copy the link and share using other available channels such as emails, Instagram, direct messages etc.

• The system will be able to record the purchases from the shared links and automatically award the commission accurately.

• The shop owner can check the earning from the system at any time.

How to earn from referral?

You can invite a chain of new members to kilistar program and earn certain percentage of commission based on the level.

The commission from level is different and decreases down the chain.

Each time a new purchase is made, the shop owner will earn the normal % of commission and the referral commission will go to the person who invited the shop owner meaning the primary shop owner will be earning.

The more the number of people you invite the higher the commission

How to invite a new person to open a shop?

  • Tap on the share icon on the top right corner of the background page. 
  • You will have three options, to share on Facebook, Twitter or copy the link of the product and share on other convenient platforms.

Are there any Registration Charges?

There is no any registration charges required for the user to open a shop.

The customer is only required to have shopping account Kilimall.

Product selection.

The Kilistar shop owner will select the products of his/her choice from a list of pre-selected  products by Kilimall.

Each product displays the commission from the sale.

Different products have different percentage of the commission depending on the seller/manufucture.

Kilistar shop owner is not limited to certain category of product. He/she can choose to sell one category of products or multiple products from different categories.

Why join Kilistar?

With just a smartphone and internet connection you can start your own business anytime and anywhere.

It is the easiest and convenient way to do business at no extra cost.

Who manages the orders in your shop?

You, as a shop owner, will manage and control the stock in your own shop supported by the system.

Kilimall will manage all the transaction on the shop including payment and the status of the orders such as:
  • Completed orders 
  • Pending payment- Placed unpaid order 
  • In transit- dispatched good 
  • All: All orders with the status 

How to Join

1. Visit our site,, on WAP or App

2. At the bottom of the page, tap on “Account”

3.Tap on Kilistar at the bottom to sign up.
§  Follow the prompts to sign up for Kilistar.

§  If you don’t have a Kilimall account, you have to create one first then proceed to sign up for Kilistar.

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