How to do Kilimall Affiliate on Facebook

Kilimall Affiliate program is one of the best options out there to earn money online. If you’re a blogger or a website owner looking to make money online on Kilimall Affiliates, then it is important to know how to post and promote our products. Here are some pointers on how to get banner links and how you should post them on your sites.

How to post links on your Facebook

If you want to share Kilimall affiliate links on Facebook, you can do so easily with just a few clicks.

First, Generate your Affiliate link: 

An affiliate should add affiliate links to every post he makes so buyers can click and make a purchase. We track and calculate your commissions through those links. So never forget to add affiliate links to your posts. 

1.       Copy product/ category/ campaign link from 
2.       Open the Affiliate dashboard page
3.       Click on promotion
4.       Click on deep link generator
5.       Input the previously copied product/category link in destination URL space
6.       Generate the code
7.       The system will display the generated affiliate link

NB: Generated affiliate link cannot be used in social media because of the length; affiliate link should be shortened by
1.       Copy the above generated affiliate link
2.       Click on the URL shortenor
3.       Paste it to the ‘Website URL’ space
4.       Scroll down and click on Convert URL to shorten link
5.       Copy the shortened URL link
6.       Paste on your chosen social media

Second, proceed to posting it on any of your social media sites/ websites.

After generating your affiliate link, paste that link on your page, together with product descriptions, price and "call to action" words (Buy now, Available now, Shop now, Enjoy discounts, etc.) to encourage a click to purchase the products.

You can tag your friends and potential buyers to your post, and create Facebook groups to group your audience according to their preferences and share products based on their interests.

As demonstrated above, affiliate marketing is much more than just throwing a few links up on your social media. If you actually want your affiliate marketing to pay off, you should consider creating good content and ways to promote our products.

How to make your posts interesting

Content is what your audience is looking for when they visit your accounts. All the images, videos and posts you share are contents your targeted audience might be interested in. Therefore, keeping it interesting helps to engage and speak to them.

If you create great content for your customers, then they will definitely come back to you for more purchases, making your affiliate work successful.
  • Find out the interest of your followers, and choose products to share based on that.
  • Don’t just share links and pictures, make sure to add clear descriptions of the products as well
  • Make review posts or videos about the products and purchases you liked.
  • Keep your accounts interesting by sharing videos, current news, facts, games and so on to engage your customers
  • Posts should feel more like a recommendation issued by a friend to a friend, so that they don't look "spammy" and also achieve better conversions results.

How to reach more people through your posts

There're many ways to reach more potential clients
  • Increase the followers of your page
  • Create a page and invite more people to follow
  • Create a group and invite people interested in online shopping
  • Join Facebook groups and share the product posts
  • Invite more people to share your post at same time

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Got any concerns or challenges while doing affiliate work?

Refer to Kilimall Affiliate Program User Guide:
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  1. Hey i tried to promote the links using the banners but when i came to the steps of logging into the bitly account,it simply told me" network problem".On the contrary,my internet connection was super great please talk to me about this.Thank you.

    1. Hi Rhobert, are you promoting through banner links or product links? For banner links, you just need to copy and paste the banner links directly to your page to get them displayed.
      Kindly contact us through Telegram for efficient communication:

  2. I love the attitude, meaning and meaning business

  3. I have been approved by kilimall affiliate program but ImI stuck, I can't find affiliate dashboard on Help please.

  4. Do u still have affiliate program?


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