How to do Kilimall affiliate for Bloggers

Kilimall Affiliate program is one of the best options out there to earn money online. If you’re a blogger or a website owner looking to make money online on Kilimall Affiliates, then it is important to know how to post and promote the products. Here are some pointers on how to get banner links and how you should post them on your sites.

How to post banner links on your website/ blogs

Banner Link: Is an image link that displays the image of products, promotions and product categories from Kilimall. They are located in the "Promotion" section of the affiliates dashboard. You can choose and generate banners based on your preference to be displayed on your website. 

First, Generate your Banner link: 
  1. Open the Affiliate dashboard page
  2. Click on promotion
  3. Click on Banner Links
  4. Choose Campaign according to your respective country
  5. Select the banner size for your displayed position
  6. Get the banner code under image
  7. Copy &paste banner code to your marketing page

How to generate clicks from your blog

Affiliate marketing is the easiest way for you to earn money, especially if you already have some traffic coming in. As a blogger, your job is to provide great content to your readersIf you create good content for your followers, then they will definitely come back to you for more purchases, making your affiliate work successful. 

One of the biggest sources of traffic to your blog is from search engines like Google. You can boost the traffic that comes to your blogs by implementing search engine optimization (SEO) tricks into your blog layout and writing. 

Optimize your blog content by: 

1. Finding out the content your audience might be interested in. Search for keywords with high click rates that are related to the content. 

2. Incorporate those keywords in your Title and throughout your blog. This will make your blog ranked high in search engines. However, this doesn't mean you should stuff as many keywords as possible. It is all about knowing the keywords that an audience might search for and will click on.

3. Search engines also look to your URL to figure out what your post is about. You should make a custom permalink URL that includes one to two of your keywords, which will let readers know what the link is about and also make it easily memorable.

4. Meta description is the additional text that appears below the website on search engines. It is a short description that lets readers know what the link is about. Meta descriptions should be within 300 characters, and the keywords should be placed around the beginning. 

5. The final stage for doing affiliate marketing for bloggers is to properly position affiliate banners within their blogs and websites. As explained in the previous part, once you copy a banner link from our system and directly paste them to your websites and blogs.

Promoting your blog on social media sites

1.  Write blogs and articles about Kilimall products, campaigns and services 
2.  Write a product review and your experience shopping on Kilimall
3. Share your content on social media sites

Sharing on Twitter

         Sharing on Facebook

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Got any concerns or challenges while doing affiliate work?

Refer to Kilimall Affiliate Program User Guide:
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