Kilimall Agent: Be a pick-up station partner & Earn thousands of Shillings!

Are you a business owner with extra space to spare? Are you looking to attract more customers and generate more revenue to your business? Then KiliAgent is here to help you utilize that space to make a fortune in a short time! Here’s how it works!
KiliAgent is another one of Kilimall’s innovative business project designed to create a win-win partnership between business owners and Kilimall. It is based on the KiliExpress logistics platform where business owners become agents/pickup stations along the logistics platform. This means, your business location will be listed as a pickup station for the delivery of Kilimall packages, and customers will be able to collect their packages from this location. For every package successfully collected from this location, the agent will receive a commission of KSh.50 per package.  
What benefits can a KiliAgent get? 
Any interested business owner can become an agent and work in partnership with Kilimall. Here are some of the benefits agents will get:
1. For each package successfully collected by a customer, the KiliAgent will get a commission of KSh.50.
2. Registering as a KiliAgent, your business will get better exposure to new customers who will often visit your business to collect their packages, thereby increasing the customer flow. 
3. You will also have a chance to increase your revenue by selling your products on Kilimall. Kilimall being one of the largest online shopping sites in Kenya, will give you a huge market access for your products.
                                 Success Story: Baus Optical Chain Store

Baus Optical is a chain store located at Twigo Towers near the University of Nairobi. Baus Optical joined our KiliAgent program in July 3, 2018. Since joining our program, Baus Optical has handled over 800 successful package pickups, making it earn a monthly income of over 40,000Ksh.
In addition to the revenue created from our KiliAgent program, the store has experienced a boom of customer flow over the past month. So far more than 800 new customers have come to the store to pick up their packages, and many of them have purchased or consulted about Baus Optical’s products.

Cooperated pick-up station with Free delivery 

How to become a KiliAgent?

In addition to the above listed storage space, equipment and safety deposit requirement, an applicant needs to provide the following legal documents:
1.      1. Personal identification card

2.      2. A legal business license with safety compliance certificate (fire and anti-theft prevention)

If you meet the above listed conditions and are interested in joining KiliAgent, kindly fill in the Application form here, and attach the scanned version of the above 2 documents.

Applicants that have passed the assessment will be contacted to sign a contract for this partnership. Afterwards we will provide training materials and assistance for setting up this service. For any query please contact us. 

Contact information
Whatsapp: +254 757075066


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