Looking for an online job in Kenya? Here’s how Kilimall Affiliates Program can make you earn thousands per month!

 Kilimall Affiliate Program

Whether you’re unemployed or just looking to make money online in Kenya, Kilimall affiliates is the new best thing for you to make good money on the side for just doing an easy Affiliate marketing. Here’s a bit of an introduction about the program and how you can earn money fast.

Kilimall Affiliate program is a marketing scheme designed for the purpose of forming a business partnership between Kilimall and its Affiliate members, and to create a win-win business prospect for both parties.

How this affiliate program works is that, you as an affiliate will post and promote Kilimall products on your websites or social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Blogger sites) and refer customers to our platform. Since this program works on a commission based payment system, any purchase or website traffic that comes from your shared post will make you earn a high return commission of 2-8% per product purchase. Meaning the more you sell products on your social media accounts and websites, the more you will earn more money.

The process of becoming a member is simple and 100% free of charge. Once you sign up and become an affiliate, you will be provided with product links and affiliate banners from the platform.

The platform will also supply all the tools to manage your account and will handle all the fulfillment details, such as order processing, shipment, billing and support.
Every affiliate member is given a unique code for his account to monitor clicks, sales and earnings generated. Account activity will be tracked through this code thereby calculating the total commission an affiliate gets.
Any Kilimall member with an active social media presence or interest of doing online marketing and promotion is eligible to sign up for this affiliate program.

So far we have thousands of affiliates in this partnership program, which are comprised of people from all walks of life. We have created jobs for university students, government employees, housewives, business people and many more professionals that earn affiliate commissions worth thousands of Kenyan shillings per month through this program.
So how can you be part of this profitable online business? Just follow these easy registration steps:
  1. Sign up on the Kilimall affiliate page through https://www.kilimall.com/affiliate-program/
  2. Fill in all your personal information, payment collection method and social media information on the registration page.
  3. Receive an email to activate your account, and then you’re all set.
After you have signed up, you will receive an introduction, training and video tutorial from the Kilimall team on how to do affiliate marketing.

Through this affiliate program, we are offering you a prosperous business potential that will make you earn thousands a month and also help you paint a bright future for your entrepreneurial dreams.

Signup now and start earning!


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