Majority are familiar with purchasing a television from the retail shop but how many are equally familiar with purchasing a television from an online store? What factors should we consider when shopping for a TV online? 

Below are some useful guidelines on how to shop online for the best television in Kenya. One thing you must note is, you will always find prices cheaper on online stores than retail stores. Kenya's most affordable online shopping mall Kilimall is also giving amazing offers on TVs.

The main concerns when choosing a TV

Picture quality
The number one thing to consider is the TV with the best picture quality within your budget. Any other feature is secondary. If you want the best picture quality available get a TV with an OLED screen. They are expensive but very good. If you prefer an affordable option, buy a TV with a LED screen. They are significantly cheaper than OLED screen TVs but their picture quality is incredibly great.

HDMI Connectivity
TV design has been simplified with important ports being reduced to one port type: the HDMI port. HDMI ports are vital for gamers and film fans.

Shipping offer
Shipping options vary among online stores. Delivery can be free or charged. When purchasing online make sure to thoroughly check shipping options and costs because they can add or eliminate a lot of costs. Take advantage of the shipping offers.

To answer this question first consider your room size, how far you will be sitting and the type of experience you prefer. Usually, many people wish they had bought a bigger rather than a small TV. So carefully choose a TV that has the size you are looking for.

Understanding the television's warranty is very important. Costs to take TVs for repair, purchasing new television parts, as well as labor associated with repairing TVs can be very costly. Such expenses can be covered by the television warranty. So, it is very important to confirm the availability and validity of a warrant.

Why Buy Your TV from Kilimall

Kilimall is an eCommerce company in Africa Since its entry into Kenya in 2014 and has grown to become the leading eCommerce site in Kenya. If you are looking for a TV in Kenya, here are some of the reasons why you should buy your next TV from Kilimall.

Trusted Seller
Kilimall is a trusted brand name in Kenya and you can be confident when buying a TV from Kilimall. your money is safe when you pay online and you will get the TV you ordered. As a trusted seller Kilimall works tirelessly to ensure customer satisfaction and maintain its good reputation.

Kilimall ensures their TVs are supplied by reputable and certified distributors. You can even get to know their TV suppliers as they are listed on their website. Additionally, they have a 24-hour customer service call center that deals with any client issues and queries.

Warranty and Return Policy
You can confidently buy discounted flat screen TVs from Kilimall as they not only give you a one-year warranty, but you also have 7 days in which you can return the TV and get a full refund.

In the unfortunate event the TV you bought via Kilimall Kenya has issues within the warranty period within the certian circustoms, Kilimall will return the TV to the supplier who will either resolve the issue or give you a new replacement TV.

Great Discounts and Offers
Kilimall is the only online shop in Kenya that offers incredible and sometimes unbelievable discounts and offers on TVs in Kenya. Every month, they have TV offers on select TV brands where you can get up to 50% discount on select TVs.

Countrywide Reach
One great advantage of buying your TV from Kilimall is that it will be delivered where you are. If you are in Nairobi, Kilimall will get deliver the TV you ordered right on your doorstep. This makes buying a TV from Kilimall very convenient. Delivery time will vary depending on where you are. Once you place your order, Kilimall customer service team will inform you when your TV will be delivered.

Now find your TV and enjoy the best services from Kilimall.


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