Tips on how to do Affiliate Marketing

How to create and share an affiliate link?

i. Open the main site of Kilimall (

ii. At the bottom of the page, click on “Become an affiliate partner

iii. It will take you to login page/sign up page. Click on “login”.

iv. Dashboard will appear- the dashboard has two main important features, the most relevant one is the “promotion”

v. When you click on promotion, campaign, Bannerlinks, Deeplink generator and URL shortener will be displayed.

vi. Click on “Deeplink generator” and select the campaign then go to the main page of Kilimall and copy the product link you want share and past on “Destination Url” then click on “generate code”.

vii. The generated link will appear at the bottom of the page.

viii. Copy the generated link and then click on “URL shortener

ix. Paste the link on “Website URL

x. At the bottom, click “convert URL” to short link

xi. Finally copy the shortened link and you can share the generated affiliated link on any social media p/platform

Affiliate marketing is not just creating an affiliate link then share on social media or direct messages. It calls for extra efforts to earn a significant income from this program. You need to be creative and dedicate a lot of effort and the rewards will be reflected within a short period.

There are many ways of doing affiliate marketing but I will share some few tips on how to improve.

1. Doing Product Reviews

Products review is the most common method of promoting Kilimall affiliate products. A product review will require a detailed description of the product along with its pros and cons. The review will be posted on the website, Facebook page, twitter handle, WhatsApp chat groups among other forums.

How to come up with a good product review

· Make sure it is genuinely helpful and talk about a given product comprehensively

· It should showcase its benefits and should not hide any flaws or defects

· Coming up with highly honest and in-depth product reviews will boost your authority and win a loyal audience.

· Running a review blog might be time consuming – it takes time to build up a reputation, strong following.

· It may generate a stable flow of passive income

2. Using Banners

Banners can be effective in Promoting products through placing them on social media platforms and websites. Most people avoid using banners but is one of the best way to market the products.

3. Use videos

Use short videos to do affiliate market especially when doing product review. The video should be very brief and relevant about the product you are promoting. In case of product review, try to share your honest feeling about the product. You can use videos to make general introduction of what you are selling but should have “catchy” info.

Tips to maximize your earnings

- Promote products on related Niches

- Choose products that are on demand throughout the year.

- Identify and Target your customers to increase Conversion.

- Optimize the keywords

- Create affiliate marketing business and not campaign. Campaign normally dies but business last for life time.

- Creating your own branding should be one of your objectives.


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