Rewards for #HuaweiY7Prime2018 fans! Review and win!!

Are you getting fun with new futures of Huawei Y7 Prime 2018? From now till May 30, 2018, 
Kilimall & Huawei  will do 2nd round rewarding for all #HuaweiY7Prime2018 Fans. 

How does it work? 

Two ways :

1. attach 7 photos of you & Y7Prime2018 phone and tell us your most interesting story 
using the hashtag #7reasonsY7Prime2018 and tag Kilimall


2. attach a short video of you & Y7Prime2018 phone (within 2 minutes) and tell your story 
using the hashtag #7reasonsY7Prime2018 and tag Kilimall.
upload the photos or video on Facebook, Twitter , Instagram and Youtube. 
Gifts each worth KSh.1000 

1. The winner will be notified by Kilimall on Social media and the post should be authentic and sincere with the correct hashtag.
2. The post photos and videos will be default authoriented by Kilimall to share.
3. Winners should provide a sucessfully paid order no. on Kilimall and Kilimall will provide free delivery within 7 working days otherswise we will not be able to send the prize.
Thank you for your participation. 

NB:Huawei and Kilimall reserve the rights to explain this activity.

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