During this world cup season, KONKA is teaming up with Kilimall to introduce its world famous HDTV sets to the Kenyan market. KONKA is a household electric appliance manufacturer with a reputation of producing quality TV sets, refrigerators, mobile phones and many more appliances. It has a huge market presence in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. Currently KONKA is pursuing to tap into the growing African market, and benefit Africans by supplying its quality and affordable products. 
With this objective, KONKA together with Kilimall has come up with a campaign for Kenyan consumers to win a GRAND PRIZE of KSh 60,000, gifts, vouchers and cash discounts for purchasing KONKA 32"digital HD TV from June 4–24 on the Kilimall platform. 

Anyone interested in partaking and winning prizes during this campaign can participate by signing up on the Kilimall website and forming a football team. After forming a team on the Kilimall activity page, the team creator should share his/her team on social media sites and invite social media friends and followers to cast votes for his/her team. The voting polls will be open from May 28- June 24.  A team creating member is allowed to create a single team during this campaign and gets a single vote to cast for a team.

Once the voting is concluded, the top three teams with the highest votes and social media reach will win an award of 10 footballs each.  By July 14, the team with the highest social media engagement will become the winner and receive the GRAND PRIZE of KSh 60,000.

Kilimall, as always, is determined to market the best commodities on its platforms. That is why it has whole heartedly decided to work with KONKA and carryout this marketing campaign. KONKA HD TV’s high definition sound and visual system, together with the attractive prizes, will make this World Cup experience both exciting and unforgettable.

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