SPARK Livelihoods and brought to by Kilimall——Fill your cart and help rebuild a life!

Imagine having to flee your country because of conflict; Running away from all that is familiar; leaving behind your property, job or school and possibly losing some family members and friends in the conflict. You then find yourself in a refugee camp in another country. How do you get your life back together?

This is the story of Shukrani Hota Biclere from the Democratic Republic of Congo, a single mother of one, and living with disability. It is also the story of Nuar Arop Chan from South Sudan, a single mother of four, Noor Omar Mohamed from Somalia and hundreds of others like them. They were forced to flee the conflict in their home countries and are now refugees in Kakuma, Turkana County in Kenya.
They are slowly trying to get their lives back together.

Through the support of SPARK consortium livelihoods and Kilimall International Limited, they are using their ingenuity and inherent talent to create beautiful items to earn a living. They have made the clothes, home decoration and artefacts you see on

By buying items on, you are supporting them to rebuild their lives. You are not only buying a beautifully handcrafted item, you are buying into their story of hope, possibilities and a commitment to new beginnings.

Fill your cart and help rebuild a life at Kilimall!

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