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How does the Affiliate program work?  

Welcome to the Kilimall Affiliate Program user guide. The Kilimall affiliate program is a special program that allows people to share the affiliate link containing product information and get the commission if the customer successfully buy the products. You can make profit on Sales on Kilimall website.
·       Kenya    Campaign:
·       Uganda Campaign :
·       Nigeria  Campaign :                              

1.      Introduction of the system

Kilimall Affiliate System helps the affiliates get the link and view the report which includes payment details, daily reports, commission details etc.

2.      Principle of Affiliate Link

Once a conversion directed from your asset and an order is completed, your revenue commission is reflected in the platform and the cumulative revenue is paid out at the middle of following month. The cookie duration period lasts only for 30 days from the first click.

3.      How to get the Affiliate Link

When you login the Kilimall Affiliate System, there are three (3) types of affiliate links in the system:
a)      General (Affiliate) Link: found in the main page of the system (photo1). The General Link displays the full link of Kilimall site 

b)      Banner Link: It’s the Image Link and is located at the promotion. They display the image of new products, new promotion and product category.

Process of getting the Banner Links
·       Open the dashboard page
·       Click on promotion
·       Click on Banner Links
·       Choose Campaign according to your respective country
·       Select the banner size for your displayed position
·       Get the banner code under image
·       Copy &past banner code to your page

c)       Product Link: The link is connected to the product specifications and affiliate should choose the product information from Kilimall Site (initiation). Affiliate generates the link and share with the targeted customers using convenient media.
            Process of getting the product Link 
·       Open the dashboard page
·       Click on promotion
·       Click on deeplink generator
·       Input the product link in destination URL
·       Generate the code
·       The system will display the generate related affiliate link

           NB: general affiliate link cannot be used in social media because of the length, affiliate link should be shorten as follows
·       Copy the related affiliate link
·       Click the URL shortenor
·       Past to the Website URL
·       Click on Convert URL to short link
·       Copy the shorten URL link
·       Past in the chosen social media

4.      How to display the Affiliate Link 

a)      Text Attaching the text with hyperlink(affiliate link) in article
b)      Banner Using the Image(banner code) in on your page
c)       Social Media Using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Group chat etc.

Commission / Payment Rules

The commission rate range from 2~8% of the product price, only the good received successfully can get the commission. You can check your commissions at the reports.

Definition of commission status:
·       Pending: Order created, order paid, order dispatching
·       Decline:   order unpaid, order canceledreturned
·       Approve: Good Received(Commission paid as per order)

Statue Refresh Time same with logistic time:
·       FBK(fulfill by Kilimall) orders: 1-3 days
·       DS(Dispatch locally) orders: 3-5 days
·       Global Order: 20-25 days


  • Impressions: The number of displayed times of banner to a customer
  • Clicks: The number of times a person clicked on your banner or unique link.
  • Conversion: A customer made a transaction after clicking on your unique link.
  • Order ID: The unique ID of the transaction made by a customer after clicking on your affiliate link.
  • Status: The status of the commission, this will either be pending, approved or rejected.


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