Save big and better experience on Kilimall APP!

Welcome to Kilimall! We’re bringing you the coolest cash rewards, which can be redeemed in each of your transaction!  Let’s see how to find the Cash Rewards.

Cash Rewards program is special for Kilimall phone users. When you sign up at USER CENTER, you will learn the balance of your Cash Reward. Every day you get Ksh 3 when sign in “Daily Bonus” .


 Sign up and Open “Earn Cash Rewards”, and get your first Ksh 100

Share your referral code and earn yourself Ksh100 for each friend invitation

Get cash rewards and make fun when you’re shopping :
  • Paid in 2hours + up to Ksh200
  • Transaction completion + up to Ksh20
  • Review Products + Ksh3
  • Paid in 8hours + up to Ksh80
  • Friends transaction completion + up to Ksh50

Cash Reward Redeem Rules:
  • Cash reward can only be used within the Kilimall Platform and be deducted when check out at shopping
  • The allowed redeemable amount is 20% discounts for each transaction over Ksh 500 equivalent to Ksh100 cash reward and the maximum discounts of Ksh 500.
  •  Kilimall reserves the right to define and interpret the terms & conditions of usage


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