Present your style,write photo review on products of Kilimall!

When you make a purchase on Kilimall, it is always great to leave a review to let other customers know how the product is and how the entire experience was. This helps others to make the right decisions when they also buy online, and improve the serivce quality of the sellers.

A picture is worth a thousand words and now, you can post photo reviews to even tell the story better!

Here is how:
1. Once your order is successfully completed and delivered to you, go back to your user centre and Click on My Orders. This takes you to a list of all your orders.

2. Go to the specific order you want to review and click on the Comment button. This takes you to the product's review page.

3. On the review page, you will find 3 fields that you can fill in:
i)  Comments: Enter your comments in the input box at the top. This is optional and you
can briefly describe the product or the experience you just had.
ii)  Post Photos: Upload the pictures of the items you bought and received from Kilimall.
There is no limit to the number of pictures you can upload but 1-3 points will be great.
iii)  Rate the shop – Did the description match the items delivered? How was the entireservice? How about the delivery? This is where you rate these things by giving eachstars on a satisfaction scale of 1-5 (the higher, the better).
Here is one filled out:

So, go to your orders and start reviewing now!


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