Global Orders Delay

Dear Esteemed Customer,

Thanks for your continuous support with us.

We would also like to share our concern that our global orders were disrupted due to the setbacks happens in China, during China New Year, unexpected disease overspread the country and government has  taken measures to control the situation by pausing all activities of factory and company. Fortunately, we have overcome this disease and business has resumed to normal from this week.

We sincerely apologies that your order was affected by extension of break time, although the inventory is light and prices are up, global merchants are striving to guarantee clients  get the orders at same price , if the order has not been canceled by seller, then it will be dispatched within 1- 2 weeks, your patience will be highly appreciated. In case you prefer cancel order, please apply for refund at Kilimall APP of My orders, we will refund you within 3 days.

We also hope every client, partner, and merchants can join us to build the best marketplace and provide best service to each other. Any questions please contact us at Kilimall APP>Message.

Although global orders cannot be delivered within the expected timeline, you can still enjoy fast delivery of our local products which are shipped from Kilimall warehouse (FBK) and merchants (DS). Please download our APP and visit at

Yours sincerely
Kilimall International Team
25th, Feb, 2020

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